Your Human Energetic Anatomy

You are much more than a physical body!

2.8_soul_layerYou have a complex and highlyintelligent energetic structure surrounding your body, which includes 7 additional distinct energetic layers, and 7 anatomical systems that are of vast importance to your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. And . . . I now offer a unique and highly sophisticated healing modality called CoreIndividuation that works with all of the Human Energetic Anatomy! Developed over the span of 45 years by Desda Zuckerman, CoreIndividuation is an Energy Medicine Technology that works with The Human Energy Structure, and all of its 7 anatomical systems, to clear debris, re-align anatomical structures, heal damaged anatomy, and replenish depleted systems. CoreIndividuation is transformational work that creates an immediate and permanent shift that restores the optimal functioning of your energetic anatomy and helps you to become your authentic self. It works in perfect conjunction with modern allopathic medicine, surgery, psychotherapy, Reiki and bodywork, enhancing and deepening all of these other modalities. It can be used to treat physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual conditions.

See my testimonial page for stories!

IMG_7812This image depicts the 8 layers of the Human Energetic Structure (HES). The physical body is surrounded by 7 additional layers: the Emotional layer, the Primal layer, the Mental layer, the Cognitive layer, the Spiritual layer, the Etheric layer and the Soul layer. Each of these layers has a specific purpose and holds specific information which is important for your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual functioning.  The outer edge of the soul layer is called “the Edge.” The Edge is the seat of compassion, where the HES is in constant contact with universal energy, constantly receiving information from both Divine consciousness and the 8 layers of the underlying anatomy. It is from this awakened place at The Edge that we achieve our optimal stance for living as awakened human consciousness. It is from this Edge, that I do my healing work. Outside the Soul layer is the Surrounding Universal. Inside this Human Energetic Structure running lengthwise, is The Core, which is pure divine energy that has 3 streams of information Blue (function), Red, (purpose) and Yellow (wisdom). At your core you are completely divine: whole, pure and complete. Similar to the physical anatomy, the HES has 7 major anatomical systems including: the Layers system, the Template (the nervous system), the Blended Energy System (the 13 chakras and corresponding anatomy), the Bones of Light system (the skeletal structure), the Elimination system, the Blended Energy System (the 13 chakras and corresponding anatomy), and the Human Electromagnetic Field system (HEMF), and the Harmonizing Network (Sound frequencies that balance all other the other systems). All of the anatomical systems can experience many different pathologies, which can be healed and corrected with CoreIndividuation procedures.

Contact me to experience CoreIndividuation. Take a permanent step towards liberating your authentic self and the full functioning of your Human Energy Structure! or 415 572 9100

For more images on Human Energetic Anatomy please see the work of Desda Zuckerman, founder of CoreIndividuation at, For detailed info please buy her book Your Sacred Anatomy on


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Welcome to The Samantha Solution and Triotherapy!!!

I am your solution to comprehensive healing!        

_MG_0307I offer an extraordinary and comprehensive approach to healing Mind, Body and Spirit, using a unique blend of Core Individuation Energy Medicine, mindfulness-based body-centered Psychotherapy, Reiki, Polarity Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage and Acupressure.

Since I help people heal Mind, Body and Spirit, I call my approach Triotherapy.

Who Do I work With?

I work with people in all phases of life who are facing emotional, physical and spiritual pain, and who are looking for a path to healing that can address every aspect of their being, so they can achieve freedom, peace and profound empowerment in mind, body and spirit.

I also work with animals who are recovering from illness, surgery or trauma.

I also teach Reiki Healing Level 1 through Mastery to people from all walks of life who desire to awaken their healing abilities.

Can you benefit from Triotherapy?

Check out my testimonial page to see what other clients say about the profound results they have experienced with Triotherapy!

Do you have body pain, injury, or restriction? Would you like to have more mobility, physical comfort and well-being?

Do you need help with recovery from illness, injury or surgery?

Would you like dissolve and update limiting core beliefs?

Do you need help in discovering your soul’s purpose?

Would you benefit from clearing out old patterns, programs, blockages and other people’s energy from your personal energy structure space?

Do you need pre-operative or post-operative support?

Do you need help with your pet’s physical health or recovery from illness, injury or surgery?  (I treat all kinds of companion animals, including horses.)

Would you like to experience healing on the quantum level?

The Samantha Solution! / 415 572 9100 (cell)

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Article on Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of hands-on-healing that originated in Japan. It is a powerful yet gentle healing art that is useful for helping oneself and other people, and it can be used by professional healers and lay people alike to manage and prevent a variety of afflictive states and promote measurable well-being on a physical, mental and emotional level. At the most basic level Reiki is a hands-on technique that one can do on oneself, or on another, to provide relief from physical pain or injury, to calm the nervous system, to bolster the immune system, and to soothe strong emotional states. On a deeper level Reiki can be used as path of personal growth and self-realization. Because of its versatility and efficacy, Reiki has become one of the most well-known and widely used healing art technologies worldwide.     
    Reiki is so effective that it is being used in the realm of modern allopathic medicine. For example, at New York’s Columbia University Hospital, Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman MD, Chief of Breast Surgical Oncology, invites Reiki practitioners into the operating room. In an editorial entitled “alternative therapy for breast cancer: outcomes, obstacles and opportunities” published in the April 2011 issue of Annals of Surgical Oncology, Dr. Feldman says: “At Columbia, we have initiated a study that incorporates the role of Reiki practitioners in applying mind–body principles and energy healing to help to prepare patients for breast cancer surgery. We must continue to strive to provide care that is patient-centered and reduces the stress and trauma of disease.” (Feldman, 2011, p. 37) It is exciting to know that the healing technology of Reiki has such useful real-world applications!
    Samantha Russell, CMT and Certified Reiki Master and Teacher, has used Reiki in her private practice to treat physical conditions like frozen shoulders, sprained ankles, insomnia, burns and migraine headaches, and emotional states including anxiety, and depression. She also offers pre-operative and post-operative care for surgery patients. She has done a large amount of work with cancer patients. Samantha says that: “Reiki provides a felt sense of ease and empowerment for people who are dealing with any health issue, including cancer. It gives them a tool they can use to enhance their immune and circulatory systems, and to calm and their nervous system, in order to support the intelligence of the body as it fights disease. It also offers patients a sense that they are taking responsibility for their healing by expanding their treatment beyond radiation, chemotherapy and drugs, and that gives them a sense of calm and confidence.”
    Samantha also works long-distance, doing Reiki on patients while they are undergoing surgery. One client, Alison Treanor, 62, of San Rafael California, received Reiki from Samantha while undergoing a surgical procedure for breast cancer. Alison reported that she had felt calm going into surgery, knowing Samantha was “blasting her with healing energy the whole time.” She also delightedly reported that she felt “no pain at all in the days after surgery.” In another case, Samantha did Reiki long-distance to help ease the emotional pain of an American woman living in Mexico who was struggling with grief and loss. This woman reported a sense of “calm and stability that lasted for days after each session”, allowing her to “deal more skillfully with the logistics of life.”
    Samantha shares that “it is a wonderful feeling to be able to help people all over the world, even from the comfort of my own home. I love Reiki, it is a gift that keeps giving, with no bounds– it is universally beneficial, and extremely effective.” Samantha reports that is it also exciting to see students of Reiki using their tools for self-care. One student once suffered from insomnia, and now uses Reiki every night to help her fall asleep. Another student struggled with an anxiety disorder and she now starts her day with a 15 minute self-reiki healing that prevents anxiety attacks. Another used self-reiki for 6-months to help heal her torn anterior cruciate ligament in her knee. She had been told by her orthopedic physician that “these ligaments never heal themselves and surgery would be required.” When this student returned for her pre-surgical MRI, the doctors were shocked to discover the ligament had grown back together, and the surgery was cancelled.
    When asked why she is expanding with her teaching to an international level, Samantha responded with a case for action saying: “The way things are now, all over the world many people live life just getting by and managing as best they can on a mental, emotional and physical level. Most adults strive for financial security and material gain, but seldom experience real joy, zest, power or self-expression. Most of us have developed a level of resignation or numbness in the face of continual stress. Many of us manage ourselves through comfort seeking activity, distraction, or ambition. We witness our own suffering, and the suffering of others and wish that things were different and that we could do more to create mental, emotional and physical harmony and well-being for ourselves and people we love.” Whatever our circumstances it seems like most of us experience a tremendous level of stress and anxiety that we just don’t have the resources to manage in a powerful and useful way. Everybody can benefit from Reiki!
    Samantha also shares her vision of a new possibility, saying: “What I see possible, is that people can have access to a supplementary education that can empower them with inner resources that allow them to deal better with stress, to know themselves more deeply, to be grounded and focused while calm, to develop clarity, and to have a specific set of techniques that they can use for themselves, and with others for physical, mental, and emotional healing and well-being. All people face a variety of life challenges. I feel inspired to provide an education in healing arts, so that people can be effective in navigating the potentially difficult experiences that all humans face, with a greater degree of grace and power, knowing themselves as healers. I wonder how this new perception would positively influence people’s life choices. With Reiki training, anyone can proceed through life knowing themselves as a healer who has excellent self-care and who can make a significantly positive and life-changing impact in the lives of others.”
Samantha’s main goal: To empower ordinary people from all walks of life to become extraordinary healers!

To Register for Reiki trainings, or to host a class with Samantha Russell email her at or call (415) 572 9100.

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